Everett Community College - Corporate & Continuing Education: IT Professional Cloud Certificate Program

IT Professional Cloud Certificate Program

I will be teaching the courses for this certificate program through the Corporate & Continuing Education division of Everett Community College in Fall 2018. This program will get you introduced to the concept of Cloud services in the IT and Developer world and how Cloud is evolving the IT industry. Review the various major services provided by Cloud services vendors including Microsoft and Amazon and how they can be categorized for IT/Network/Systems Administrators, Developers, and the DevOps. The IT Professional Cloud Certificate Program requires 72 hours of course work. The flexible schedule allows you to complete the program in a few quarters, or more gradually at your own pace. Courses included in this certificate program: Introduction to Cloud Services, Introduction to Office 365, Deploying and Managing a Network Infrastructure in the Cloud, and Implementing and Managing Network Services in the Cloud.

University of Washington - Information School: Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

I will be teaching this course at the University of Washington Information School in the Winter 2019 quarter. It is going to introduce the concept of Digital Transformation and how it is forcing companies to review and formulate a digital strategy which affects the bottom line of any company. Digital Transformation strategy should be driving all the key IT projects in the company to automate and innovate to compete in today's market. We will review the key digital transformation strategy pillars necessary to succeed and assess the impact of the transformation on the organization and its culture. You are going to explore how certain key technologies are helping the organizations along this digital journey. Cloud Computing is considered a key enabler for digital transformation. Along with reviewing core concepts of Cloud Computing you will learn about certain key cloud-enabled technologies which are essential to the success of digital transformation projects in a company including Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and IoT.

University of Washington - Information School: Server-side Development

Server-Side Development

I will teach this course at the University of Washington Information School in the Spring 2019 quarter. It introduces server-side web development programming, services, tools, protocols, best practices and techniques for implementing data-driven and scalable web applications. Connects topics from human-centered design, information architecture, databases, data analytics and security to build a solution.

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