Monthly Archive April 2018

ByFawad Khan

How is Cloud Computing helping the digital transformation journey of many companies?

Cloud Computing is an enabler for all things which we knew how to do but we didn’t have the infrastructure or the computing resources to accomplish. With multiple Cloud providers out there including Amazon, Microsoft and Google with their global data centers and massive compute power, it is now possible for companies of all sizes from small to large enterprises to tap into that compute capacity and execute their Cloud strategy to enable their business scenarios. Certain key technologies which have gained prominence and become the industry’s buzz words lately include Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and Internet of Things (IoT).  These core technologies are playing a big part in helping many organizations in their Digital Transformation journey.

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ByFawad Khan

Stop wasting money in the Cloud

Cloud costs and spend is going up for SMB and Enterprise customers across the board as companies initiate experiments in the Cloud to moving from experimentation to setting up and migrating production workloads. Along with this increase in Cloud investment, proportionately the Cloud spend waste is also going up. In this post we are going to outline some common Cloud utilization scenarios which may lead to cloud spend waste. Along with that we will also offer guidance and recommend some tools to optimize Cloud costs.

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