Digital Inhabitant

Digital Inhabitant: A person who has had a personal web presence for more than x days (choose your own x – me, I choose 30).

personal web presence is an individual space on the web which can be updated at any time (like twitter or Facebook or a blog), coupled and completed, at a minimum, with the person’s real name, photograph, contact information and About Me section.

original version 3/27/09
this version 5/09/09

update 09/08/10:

Someone suggested to me that these people could also be called “cloudpeople” which is interesting but not right I think. I do, however, like “citizens of digital domains” (which was coined by Alexia Tsotsis, I think, in this post on TechCrunch 09/07/10 in a slightly different context) which is really nice and I only wish I had thought of it first and used it to describe the DIs.