dynamic mapping of information

dynamic mapping of information (dmoi) as I use the term is a possible future for all kinds of digital Sharing. it is a form of information mapping which uses movement. It’s part of a larger topic for which I started a map last year. It occurs to me that its time may have come so here’s the question it raises and tries to start to answer and the link: “How will I (the individual) manage knowledge Sharing, Gathering, Management and (re)Sharing in an era of Cloud-based services, the Semantic and Social Webs and touch-screen enabled, network-connected devices?” http://debategraph.org/Stream.aspx?nID=59102&iv=5

As you can see I use Debategraph‘s Cloud-based system for my maps (sometimes experimentally) at the moment. You can find my personal map here and here’s a link to the “digital publishing – Future B” map which is specifically about digital sharing in the context of publishing. All these maps are optimized for Flash.

Here’s a link to a Gulf Oil Spill 2010 map which, although I didn’t start it for that reason, has turned into an example of how maps could be used for news. It also links up to a Global Environment map from which you can reach a map I’ve put together for 350.org. I hope this will become a network of environmental organizations.