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Thanks for visiting my site to learn about Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation, Leadership, CTO, CIO, Social Media, Content Marketing and other related topics. I have around 26 years of combined experience in Information Technology, Startups and Strategy with last ten year's emphasis on Cloud Computing, technologies and services. I have a blog here on the site which I use to express my thoughts and experiences with these topics. I hope you enjoy your stay and do contact me directly to inquire or have a discussion about these or related topics. I am always very interested and eager to hear and discuss different opinions, feedback and perspectives.

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Here are the latest posts form my blog. Make sure you visit it to see other posts and articles. Hope you enjoy reading them and make sure you leave a comment or feedback. Thank you and look forward to your comments.

ByFawad Khan Jun 12, 2018

CIO’s primer on IoT

In this CIO primer I am going to introduce IoT, starting from the basics, discussing the key questions and considerations for building an IoT str

Digital Transformation: Innovation and Automation
ByFawad Khan May 25, 2018

Innovation and Automation should be core pillars of any Digital Transformation strategy

Two essential ingredients of any Digital Transformation strategy must be Innovation and Automation. Both of these will help you move closer to th

Leadership - Compassion & Humility
ByFawad Khan May 11, 2018

Adopt compassion and humility as your core leadership values

Although there are various qualities a leader should have, the two that I hold very near and dear to my heart are Compassion and Humility. Every

Enterprise IT Project Management
ByFawad Khan May 7, 2018

Enterprise IT project management best practices

I just got done with a very intense project I was leading from the beginning of the year to early April. It taught me a few things along with rei

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